How to Sell Your Stuff: Gadgets

Welcome back to the How to Sell Your Stuff series, now we’ll go to the home-office/desk/living room/wherever you stash your gadgets…

If you want to make a decent amount of cash then gadgets are your best bet. Though your ad will require more time and information, it will be totally worth it when you get that oh so rewarding ‘SOLD’ notification! It’s not just brand-new products that people are after, I have sold smashed phones and waterlogged laptops for their parts, just make sure you include “For Parts Only” in the title and explain the damage in the description.

Whether you are selling your gadget on eBay, Buy Swap Sell (BSS), Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree you will need to include as much information about the product as possible. Before we get started, this is the basic information that you will need to include:

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The best way to find this information is to have a good old google. Once you have it, go to eBay first and type the name of your product into the ‘What Are You Selling’ bar. This will bring up a variety of products as potential matches. Use the information you have just found to ensure that you make the right selection. Unless your product is brand new in the box, do not use the eBay stock photos. Take your own, good quality images from every angle and make sure that you emphasize any flaws (this reminds me, make sure you do a hard reset of your product before you hand it over. You don’t want any ‘personal’ photos falling into the wrong hands). eBay will have all of the information filled out for you and will suggest a sale price. However, I suggest doing a search of recently sold items before you do, to work out the maximum amount that you can get! Be careful, people will try to low ball you but try and hold out because, if your asking price is reasonable you will get it, or at least close to it.

Now that eBay has given you all of the information that you need, copy and paste it to the Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and BSS. I have had the most luck selling laptops or tablets on BSS groups in December and January, just before Uni starts. The good thing about the Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and BSS is that you can do *local pick up so you don’t have to worry about safely packaging the product for postage.

*A side note about local pick-up… be smart! Suss people out a bit before you organise the pick-up details. If you think someone is creepy, or dodgy hold out for another buyer. Never give your home address away until the day of pick up or better yet, arrange to meet in a local café or shopping centre instead.

Happy selling!

Author: Alex Whittington

Alex is the creator of The Write Now, she is a 30-year-old, university student, writer, mother of two, wife of one, big sister of three, coffee addict, pop culture obsessed, music lover. In order to fund her coffee addiction, she has developed a serious selling habit and will auction off anything for a profit.

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