All The Very Best Rewards & Membership Cards – Beauty, Books & Fashion

With almost every store having some kind of rewards program nowadays, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time. We have scoured the depths of the net and clocked some serious kilometres at Westfield to bring you 51 of the best rewards cards and membership programs, and by ‘best’ I mean the ones that give you the most free stuff and the biggest discounts! Ok, let’s get started with part one of ‘All The Very Best Rewards and Membership Cards’ series…

Beauty Rewards

Priceline Sister Club

Let’s face it when it comes to scoring a beauty bargain is there anywhere better than Priceline? If you’re a fan like me then you need to sign up to the Sister Club! You’ll gain access to secret sales, exclusive perks and receive a reward each quarter based on how much you’ve spent. Even if you haven’t spent a great deal, Priceline still like to help a sister out with super sweet emails like this…

Priceline Birthday Rewards
Priceline Sister Club Exclusive Perks


Strawberrynet is home to some of the best beauty deals on the internet. To get even more of a discount, sign up now to receive 15% off as well as free shipping on your first order.


Aaaaah Sephora how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. with all of my Beauty Pass Points! When you sign up for the Sephora Beauty Pass Rewards Programme you will automatically receive 50 Beauty Pass Points. There are so many ways to earn points, you will earn 1 point for every dollar that you spend online and instore, 5 points when you write a product review, 50 points when you complete your beauty profile and 40 points when you download and sign into the Sephora app. There are other benefits too, including exclusive promotions and 2 x bonus points on one purchase during your birthday month.

So, what do all of these points add up too? FREEBIES AND DISCOUNTS! You can start redeeming luxury samples with just 100 points, and if you earn up to 500 points you could get your hands on exclusive merch like a Sephora umbrella or travel bag.

Sephora GIF by Crystal Ro / HelloGiggles


When you join the Jurilique VIP Program you will receive 10% off your first order and free shipping. The benefits of the program include a $30 credit when you spend over $300 within a 6-month period.

Book Rewards

Riverbend Books

I am lucky enough to live near the kind of independent bookstore that would make Rory Gilmore hyperventilate.

Rory Gilmore GIF

Riverbend Books is located in Bulimba, Brisbane and is home to a plethora of books from local and international authors. Not only do they have the most well-read and helpful staff in town, they also have the best loyalty program, with members earning $1 for every $20 spent. Before you order your next book online, check with your local bookstore, you could be missing out on some big rewards.


When you become a member of the QBD Club you will be rewarded with a credit of 10% of your total spend after your 10th visit. You’ll also receive access to VIP shopping events and exclusive offers.


If you’re a massive bookworm then it won’t take you too long to earn yourself some free winter reads with Dymocks Booklovers Rewards. For every $1 you spend, you receive 5 points, once you have earnt 250 points you can redeem them for $2.50 to spend instore. There are plenty of other membership perks including double point offers, access to literary events and book signings and early sales alerts.

Books Rewards
My weekend book haul.

Fashion Rewards

Lorna Jane

In winter you’ll find me drinking coffee and wearing active wear. It’s comfy and it’s warm and I love it and I’m not even going to pretend that I work out every time I wear it. If you’re in the market for some new ‘Winter Coffee Wear’ (that’s what I’m going to call it now) then you’ll want to sign up to Lorna Jane’s Active Living Rewards program.

For each dollar, you spend you will earn 5 points and when those points reach 2000 you will receive $10 off your next purchase. The more you spend the higher up the tier you will move and then you’ll receive even more rewards to buy even more ‘Winter Coffee Wear’.

Tony Bianco

As well as the biggest and best birthday reward, the Tony Bianco ‘Tony’s World’ reward program also gives you a $20 reward when you spend over $150, a $30 reward when you spend over $250 and a $100 reward when you spend over $500.

Schitts Creek Shoe Rewards


For more shoes, glorious shoes, sign up to Wittner for exclusive online offers, advance sales notices and a $20 reward on your birthday.

Bardot/Bardot Junior

Head instore to get your hands on a Bardot or Bardot Junior loyalty card and you will receive 10% off all future full price purchases, instore and online. They also have a great birthday reward, head to ‘How To Get Over $300 Worth Of FREE Clothes, Shoes, Food & Coffee For Your Birthday’ to find out what it is.


If you think 10% off full priced items is impressive then you’ll be blown away by the Bonds Loyalty Program. Sign up to Bonds & Me to receive a massive 20% off all RRP purchases as well as sales alerts in your inbox and exclusive offers.

Bonds Rewards


Become a Footlocker VIP and you will get $10 off your first purchase over $50. If you spend $300 in a year you’ll graduate to Platinum Status and earn even bigger rewards.

Cotton On/Kids/Body/Typo/Rubi/Suprè/Factory

Raise your hand if you like vouchers…

Regina George Gif

Well, then the new Cotton On & Co Perks card is the one for you. When you sign up to the Perks card you’ll receive a…

$10 voucher just for signing up

$10 voucher when you spend $100

$10 voucher on your birthday

The Perks card covers all 7 brands in the Cotton On Group including Cotton On, Cotton On Kids, Cotton On Body, Typo, Rubi, Suprè and Factory. You can accumulate points on full priced and discounted items across all 7 brands and the points add up too… you guessed it… VOUCHERS!

Cotton On Rewards

The Iconic

There’s a lot of reasons to love The Iconic, free shipping, free returns, insanely fast delivery, not to mention all of your favourite brands in the one place. If you need one more reason then sign up to their site and you’ll receive $20 off your first purchase!

Glue Store

There’s nothing better than being rewarded for shopping at your favourite store and one of mine is Glue Store. If you’ve read my previous post on ‘Birthday Freebies’ then you will know that it is worth signing up for their rewards program just to receive their birthday gift. Other bonuses include a $10 voucher when you spend over $80, a $20 voucher when you spend $150, a $30 voucher when you spend $250 and so on and so forth, all the way up to a $150 voucher. You’ll also receive emails including exclusive offers, like double rewards points.

Glue Rewards


Download the Review Loyalty App to start earning rewards instantly! The rewards range between $15 and $100 dependant on how much you’ve spent in the previous calendar month.


Mimcollective was the very first rewards program that I ever signed up to and I have been reaping the benefits ever since. With generous birthday treats, exclusive sales offers and spontaneous vouchers appearing in your inbox, Mimco sure knows how to make a member feel special.

Head to their website to sign up and you’ll be rewarded instantly with $10 off your first purchase. Other benefits include a $15 voucher when you spend $150, a $50 when you spend over $500 and an anniversary reward.


We’ve saved one of the best for last with the Witchery membership program. You’ll receive a $10 voucher for your first online purchase, a $10 voucher on your birthday and a $10 voucher when you spend $100. There are even more benefits when you become a bronze member…

Witchery Rewards Witchery Status Rewards & Benefits

Well, what are you waiting for? Go get signing up and start claiming your free stuff!

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I Held a Group Garage Sale And This is How it Went

I have been wanting to hold a garage sale ever since I moved into my new place a year ago and filled our garden shed with boxes that I had been hoarding since high school. Deciding that I couldn’t possibly hold onto my ‘best friends forever’ photo frames and ‘Happy 18th’ yard glasses for another second, I quickly created a Facebook event. I gave myself one week to get my shit together and find everything that I wanted to sell. I knew that a few of my friends also had things that they were wanting to sell, so I invited them to bring along their stuff and create a mini market on my front lawn.

This was the first garage sale that I have thrown as an adult. My Mum used to have them all the time when I was growing up, and my little sister and I loved helping her set up and haggling with people over $2 mugs.

Garage Sale Day


The first thing I did was create an ad on the Facebook Marketplace, listing all of the obvious information including the date, address, time etc. I also added a list of the types of items that I was selling to attract more specific buyers. I made sure to include the terms “no holds and no door knockers thank you,” serious Garage Sale Goers rock up crazy early, so I did not want people tapping on my door at 5am. I also didn’t want a million messages prior to the day from people wanting me to hold specific items for them. I copied and pasted the details from my Facebook Marketplace ad into two of my Buy Swap Sell Groups, one for my local suburb and one for all of Brisbane. A lovely lady commented on one of my ads and invited me to join a South East Queensland Garage Sale Page, so I posted the ad on there as well.

Marketplace Ad
Gumtree is a good place to advertise on as well because a lot of people use it especially to find garage sales. However, I did get a lot of people messaging me on there asking me to hold items and haggling with me before I even told them the price. I did consider not replying but that felt a little rude, so I just let people know that I wasn’t doing holds and told them I’d see them on the day.

Lastly, I went old school and plastered my neighbourhood with homemade signs. It wasn’t until my 5th sign on the main road that I thought to myself “this doesn’t seem legal” and sure enough when I got home and checked my local council’s website I realised that is was in fact not allowed. So I recommend checking your local council site before you put time and effort into signs. Full disclosure, I did leave the signs up and that is what attracted most of my customers but I did take them down as soon as it finished and spent the whole night feeling like a felon and waiting for the sound of sirens.

Garage Sale Ad

Where I Went Right

I started at 7am, just early enough to catch all of the serious Garage Sale Goers. This was a good decision because I made 85% of my money in the first hour!

I priced everything the night before and set up the clothes rack, I made sure everything was clean and ready to be put out as soon as I woke up.

Clothes Racks

I invited organised friends with good merchandise and lots of brand name items so the sale looked really full and enticing.

The day before the sale I checked how much each item was worth on eBay, and I am so glad that I did because I nearly ripped myself off. When I was going through a box of kitchen items that hadn’t been opened since 2012, I found a set of casserole dishes that I had been given by my Aunt when I first moved out of home. She has super classy taste and they looked kind of antique-ish so I googled the details underneath and it turns out they are now worth $150 each!!! The same thing happened to my friend Molly who unknowingly bought a vintage gold mine hidden in a box of toys to sell. My eyes lit up with dollar signs when I saw that one of them was a Rainbow Boom Crystal Series Furby, find out why in the Vintage 90’s Toys edition of the How to Sell Your Stuff Series.

Where I Went Wrong

We had a great rush of about 20 people in the first 2 hours and then nothing. Not a single soul! After hours of pondering in our deck chairs, we came to the conclusion that the reason for the lack of customers was because we had the sale on a Sunday instead of a Saturday so we had missed out on all of the usual garage sale crowd. It was also insanely hot, the kind of heat that keeps people locked inside with the air conditioner on.

What I’ll Do Next Time

I will definitely be holding my next garage sale on a Saturday. I’ll be starting at 6:30am to make sure I catch the serious shoppers. I’ll be even more organised next time with items ready for sale in big storage containers and buckets, so all I have to do is put them out in the morning. This time around I started setting everything up on blankets 30 minutes prior to starting and had three people waiting, watching my every move like they were seagulls and I had a was a chip sandwich.

Seagull Giphy

We are also going to try a different location next time, a house closer to the main road, with more traffic.

I’ll also be posting more pictures of the items I have for sale and listing all of the brands in my advertisements.

How Much Did I Make

So you’re probably wondering if all of that effort was worth it in the end? In the first 2 hours, I made $60 which is not a lot, however, what happened after made it totally worthwhile.

As we were packing up we decided to take photos of everything we had for sale and posted it all on Buy Swap Sell and eBay that afternoon. Within an hour my friend Amber had someone offer to buy ALL of the clothes that she had put up for sale on a Buy Swap Sell Page. I sold a teapot, a play mat, a baby rocker and two boxes of baby clothes, taking my tally to $140! My other two friends have since sold some of their items on the Facebook Marketplace.

Photo by Amber Schmidt

We all managed to sort out some clutter, and I have donated most of what I didn’t sell to charity. All in all, I would call it a success, I had a super fun day with my friends, I managed to clear out my shed, and I got some extra cash out of it!

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5 Clever Side Hustles To Make Yourself Some Extra Cash

So it’s back to reality! Christmas is over and now you’re stuck with an insane aircon bill and no cash to pay it because you spent it all on mimosas and ham. Unless you won hundreds of dollars on the scratchies from Grandma then you’re going to need to get yourself a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side. Yes, you’re going to need to get yourself a side hustle!

Here are 5 clever side hustles that you can set up now with little to no initial outlay…

Become a Nanny or Babysitter

If you are good with kids then this might be the gig for you. Amber, 21 from Brisbane worked as a Nanny part-time through University and then again recently when she needed extra cash after a trip to Europe. “It cost me nothing to set up! I used Canva to create a flyer, which I put up in my local cafe. I also posted it on my Facebook and in a few community groups that I am a part of.”


If you don’t have an established network, you can find plenty of online agencies on Google to help you find work. Signing with an agency will incur a fee/commission, as well as a Blue Card application which is around $87.00. A Blue Card is beneficial anyway even if you are just doing the occasional babysitting job, as it is extra reassurance for the parents.

“Once I worked for a few families I found that a lot of work then came to me through word of mouth, as parents would tell their friends about me. It’s a really great way to make extra money as you can do it on nights and weekends, I get $20.00 an hour for something I really enjoy doing!”


Dog Sitting

Not that into kids? Maybe pets are more your thing! The market for pet sitting just keeps expanding with more people searching for carers on sites like PetCloud and Pawshake every day. That’s right, you can seriously get paid to hang out with a puppy!!! There are all types of jobs from once a day visits, to overnight stays.

Melita, 32, from the Gold Coast, was working at a doggy daycare centre when she first saw the potential for after hours, weekend and holiday work. “I started posting my availability on social media, just to see if anyone was interested and straight away my friends were contacting me to look after their pets, from there everything just happened organically. Now I have 3 regular clients, some are weekly, monthly or whenever I have days off, as I also work part-time at a pet store. I am also registered with an online service.”


Setting up a dog sitting service requires minimal outlay. If you choose to do it on your own you can create a free ad on Gumtree and the Facebook Marketplace. If you want a bit more security then going with an agency like Pawshake or PetCloud, is a great option as payment is guaranteed and you are covered by their insurance. There is no joining fee but they do take a small commision.


“Setting up my dog sitting service has only really cost me my time, posting on social media and applying for a Crimson Check, which I had to have to sign up for the online service.  I have separate charges for different services and tailor each quote depending on the time needed for pet sitting as well as incorporating travel where needed. My advice for anyone who is genuinely interested in setting up a side business would be to let it happen naturally and don’t put too much pressure on it because it will show in your work if you do. Always specify to the client how far you will go for your price and what your services include so that people don’t take advantage of you and your talents.”


Get Paid For Your Opinion

This one requires no outlay at all and you can literally start doing it today! You can get paid up to $20 to complete surveys online, and there are a number of sites that you can sign up too. Once you sign up to one then they’ll start popping up on your socials like wildfire. Check out this site for a comprehensive list. They have even done a cost comparison chart to help you decide which ones are worth your time!


If you’re looking to get some extra cash but need to tailor it to your already busy schedule then Airtasker is the perfect option. Once you sign up you can search the jobs that people need done and make an offer on the ones that you are qualified to complete. You can decide how much to charge and only have to apply to the ones that suit your availability. There is literally everything on there from bond cleaning to mowing. People even post jobs asking for McNuggets to be delivered to their door, so there really is something to suit everyone’s skillset! There is a service fee deducted from each payment to cover transaction fees and insurance but it’s a great way to find extra work without having to spend your time and money on advertising your service.


Profit From Your Talent

This one might take a little more time but if it is something that you are good at and enjoy then the rewards will be more than just financial.

When I find out my friends have hidden talents my brain goes into overdrive thinking of ways they could cash in on them! I think it is because I have always dreamed of having a talent of my own to cash in on. I was a talentless child, couldn’t sing, dance, touch my nose with my tongue. I could, however, pick the winner of the Melbourne Cup. In fact, the first word I learnt to spell was Tab as in T-A-B. In year 7, in lieu of having a talent to cash in on, I decided to make some pocket money by setting up a betting syndicate in my classroom. I had told all of the kids in my class to bring a dollar and in the morning I passed out handmade tickets for my Melbourne Cup sweeps. I skimmed some for myself and had enough to buy my lunch at the canteen that day, sure it wasn’t what those choir kids got for the Qantas ad but it was a decent profit.

If you are more fortunate and were born with an actual talent then why not cash in on it! My Aunt is an incredibly talented screen printer and knows her way around a sewing machine. Determined to stay at home to raise her three boys she created a range of kids clothes. After almost 10 years she is still going strong and has even caught the eye of 90210 alum Tori Spelling, featuring in a list of her favourite handmade kid’s clothes. A natural born hustler, she always comes up with creative ways to save costs, from exchanging services with other local businesses to going halves in a market stand with her friends business to split the fees!


I have friends who create stunning kids decor in their garage, make beautiful candles in their kitchen and make stunning cakes for their friends and families special events! Do yourself a favour and make a list of everything that you’re good at, then google it! If it’s something you can make see if there’s a market for it on Etsy! Last Christmas I needed some extra cash so I learnt how to make Tutu’s on Pinterest, took some cute pic of them on my phone and sold them on Etsy. The possibilities are endless even if you think you’re talentless!

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How to Sell Your Stuff: Babies and Kids Clothes

Welcome back to the How to Sell Your Stuff series. Next up we are going to raid the kid’s rooms.

If you are like me and your kids have nicer stuff than you do, then this room is the money maker!


My family and friends love spoiling my kids rotten so their cupboards are filled with goodies. You’ll find me out and about in active wear and a hobo bun next to two kids dressed in Country Road and Seed. I keep my kids clothes in great condition and sell them as soon as they grow out of them so that I can start stocking up on the next size.

My best friend gave me two life-changing tips for keeping clothes looking like new:

This Rechargeable Lint Remover from Kmart is the best $10.00 I have ever spent. It gets rid of pilling (the little balls) and makes clothes look brand new!
This Stain-Lift by White King from Woolworths gets everything out from chocolate to blood! Just spray it on as soon as possible. It is even safe to use on colour.

Now let’s get started…

Designer Clothes

Start by sorting the designer clothes into brand specific piles, the best place to sell these is on Facebook Buy Swap Sell (BSS) groups. There are hundreds of kids BSS groups! Before you get started, go and join all of your local suburb/city kids BSS groups and then join the brand specific groups. There are groups for Bonds, Seed, Country Road, Witchery, Cotton On, Bardot Jnr, if it’s cute there’s a group! Read the page rules carefully before you post anything, each group has specific posting guidelines. For example, some make you post a collage of everything you’re selling and then post individual photos in the comments.

Now that you’ve joined the groups and read the rules, put your post together, including clear pictures, prices, sizes, the item condition and location (suburb only). If you post the item/s in multiple groups make sure you add “advertised elsewhere” in the description.

Handmade Boutique Clothes

You know that little cake smash dress that you spent months looking for and your cherub wore once? It was all worth it, not just because of the cute pics, but because, handmade items from well known local brands do well on BSS. Be clever with your posting times, don’t try selling your Christmas and Easter rompers in the middle of the year! Get your post together and put it up on your local suburb/city kids BSS groups.


Non-Designer Clothes

There are a few ways to sell non-designer clothes on BSS…

Bundle – You can do size bundles but, don’t expect to get more than $20 regardless of the amount you are selling. Lay all the clothes out neatly and take a photo of the lot. Post this image as the main photo, then take individual pictures and post them in the comments.

Individually You can sell them individually, but do it all in the same post, group administrators hate it when you post hundreds of different items in one go and spam the page. Use the same format as above in ‘Bundle’ but include the individual prices under each picture in the comments.

Gold Coin Sale – If you are keen to sell them quickly and you have a lot, post them as a Gold Coin thread! Use an image of a ‘sale sign’ or something equally eye-catching. Post individual pictures of items in the comments. Under each image add the words ‘Gold Coin Sale’ as well as the usual information including the size and item condition. Include the same details in the post’s description. Because the items are so cheap you should also include the phrases ‘pick up ASAP’ and ‘no holds’ to prevent no-shows.

After a week or so when people have finished commenting, I usually post whatever is left as a free bundle. If you choose to do this make sure you only post in one group at a time because people get back to you FAST and it is hard to keep up with who wrote sold first. I have literally been verbally abused by a toothless woman who believed she commented ‘sold’ before another lady did. Needless to say, I did NOT give her the clothes.

Brand New With Tags

If you have anything with tags still attached (like me because my daughter grows faster than the speed of light) post them on eBay. Start with the retail price and see if you have any luck, you can always lower it after a week if it doesn’t sell or, select ‘make me an offer’ if you are happy to accept less. Make sure you include BNWT (Brand New With Tags) in the listing title and description, also include photos of the tags in your post.

You can try and sell BNWT items on BSS but they don’t do as well. BSS groups are a place to get a good deal not a place to pay the full retail price. Also, the mothers (or fathers) in these group are savvy shoppers so don’t try fooling them! There is nothing worse than seeing someone who has gone and bought a bunch of kids clothes at outlet sales and tried to sell them on BSS groups for the full retail price. It’s fine if you want to do this, and it is quite a good way to make some extra cash but sell the stuff on eBay, not BSS.



Shoes are a pretty safe bet when it comes to making a decent sale. Because let’s face it, kids feet grow a warped speed, so they are generally in pretty good condition. Excellent condition shoes sell well on eBay, whilst well-used shoes are best sold on BSS and the Facebook marketplace.


Love To Dream Swaddles (every new Mums dream) are one of the most popular items on BSS. Make sure that you are honest about their condition, don’t be a d*ck and try to fob off sweat and drool stained swaddles to unsuspecting strangers. I paid $25 for a swaddle that looked brand new in the photo and when it arrived it had mouldy stains on the hands so I had to throw it away! This was my first purchase on BSS and because I was new to the group, I didn’t know what to do about it. Now if there are not enough pictures of an item I will ask to see more before I purchase it, especially if it is being posted to me. I also always ask if the item is from a smoke-free home, especially if it is a swaddle. I have since bought 3 more from different people on BSS and they have all been perfect. Swaddles that are in good condition can sell from $15 to $30.

Baby Bag

If you and your kids have outgrown your baby bag and you need the cash to buy a grown-up purse and a few backpacks you might be in luck! Bags such as the Mimco Lucid Baby Bag are still in high demand. I recently sold my tan, 3-year-old (bag not child) on eBay for $150! It even had a few scuff marks (which I posted photos of on eBay). Brands like Oroton and Skip Hop do well on eBay as well. If you have a non-designer bag in good condition post it on BSS.

Happy selling!

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How to Sell Your Stuff: Vintage 90’s Toys (That Could be Worth More Than Your Car)

Welcome back to the How to Sell Your Stuff Series.

Have your parents been begging you to clear all of your crap out of their shed? Well get your overalls on and take a Claratyne, it’s time to go raid those boxes. This week we’re talking 90’s vintage toys, so get ready to say goodbye to Polly Pocket because it’s time to cash in.


If you have been following this series then you will know that I don’t have any cash hidden away in case of an emergency. My safety net is a Barbie, and I mean an actual Barbie doll. In 2010 my mother-in-law bought me a limited edition Vera Wang Barbie Doll, in an actual Vera Wang wedding dress, she retailed at $200. Today she is worth $1000. Did every Barbie you ever own just flash before your eyes? It doesn’t even have to be a collectors edition to hold value, remember Shave ‘n Style Ken? He was sold on eBay just last week for $99. Now, if you were the kind of super weird kid that kept your Barbie’s in their boxes, then you are in luck as boxed items hold the most value. Once you’ve gone through your collection and found the ones that you want to sell, have a look at the ‘sold’ listings on eBay to gauge they’re worth. I’d recommend selling all vintage toys on eBay as that is where the serious collectors will go to look for them.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.14.20 pm

Polly Pocket

Worth even more than Barbie is little Miss Polly Pocket! Get hunting through those toys because she can fetch up to $1500 on eBay. Even unboxed you can get around the $300 mark, depending on the series. Are you kicking yourself right now for playing so recklessly with these things? I’m pretty sure I chewed on my Polly Pocket… or my sisters… I definitely swallowed one.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.35.37 pm


Aagh Furbies. I got hit (nudged) by two cars navigating a flee market in Malaysia trying to get my hands on a Furby. I spent all of my pocket money on it, only to take it home and realise that the asshole didn’t even speak English… he’s resting in pieces now. If you are lucky enough to still have your Furby, get it on eBay ASAP as people are selling them for around $400.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.56.28 pm.png

Pokémon Cards

If you’ve got a stack of Pokémon cards lying around it might be worth your while having a look through them, with certain cards fetching up to $7000+ on eBay!

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.47.00 pm

Action Figures

Now for the holy grail of vintage toys… ACTION action action FIGURES figures figures (it felt like it required a dramatic echo). Ok let’s get serious because these are worth a shit tonne! Vintage Transformers, Power Rangers and He-Man action figures sell on eBay for anywhere between $250 and $2,500. But the real crazy money goes to the Star Wars toys, with action figures selling for as high as $75,000!!!


Before you sprain an ankle running to the shed, here are a few tips for your eBay ad:

1. Take at least five detailed photos. I can not emphasise enough how important this is. Photos are what sell your stuff so, if you want someone to pay top dollar for an action figure then you need to show them what they’ll be getting.

2. Make sure you use the words ‘vintage’, ‘rare’ and ‘mint’ in your title if applicable.

3. Fill out as much information in the details section as possible.

4. Be honest about the condition of the item.

5. Research the item well to make sure you make the most money possible.

Happy selling!

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How to Sell Your Stuff: Gadgets

Welcome back to the How to Sell Your Stuff series, now we’ll go to the home-office/desk/living room/wherever you stash your gadgets…

If you want to make a decent amount of cash then gadgets are your best bet. Though your ad will require more time and information, it will be totally worth it when you get that oh so rewarding ‘SOLD’ notification! It’s not just brand-new products that people are after, I have sold smashed phones and waterlogged laptops for their parts, just make sure you include “For Parts Only” in the title and explain the damage in the description.

Whether you are selling your gadget on eBay, Buy Swap Sell (BSS), Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree you will need to include as much information about the product as possible. Before we get started, this is the basic information that you will need to include:

burger recipes

The best way to find this information is to have a good old google. Once you have it, go to eBay first and type the name of your product into the ‘What Are You Selling’ bar. This will bring up a variety of products as potential matches. Use the information you have just found to ensure that you make the right selection. Unless your product is brand new in the box, do not use the eBay stock photos. Take your own, good quality images from every angle and make sure that you emphasize any flaws (this reminds me, make sure you do a hard reset of your product before you hand it over. You don’t want any ‘personal’ photos falling into the wrong hands). eBay will have all of the information filled out for you and will suggest a sale price. However, I suggest doing a search of recently sold items before you do, to work out the maximum amount that you can get! Be careful, people will try to low ball you but try and hold out because, if your asking price is reasonable you will get it, or at least close to it.

Now that eBay has given you all of the information that you need, copy and paste it to the Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and BSS. I have had the most luck selling laptops or tablets on BSS groups in December and January, just before Uni starts. The good thing about the Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and BSS is that you can do *local pick up so you don’t have to worry about safely packaging the product for postage.

*A side note about local pick-up… be smart! Suss people out a bit before you organise the pick-up details. If you think someone is creepy, or dodgy hold out for another buyer. Never give your home address away until the day of pick up or better yet, arrange to meet in a local café or shopping centre instead.

Happy selling!

How to Sell Your Stuff: The ​Bedroom


Start with the things that no longer fit you, the things that don’t suit you and the one offs (Halloween costumes, bridesmaid/formal dresses, on-trend pieces). Be ruthless. If you haven’t worn it in 12 months are you ever going to wear it? Throw it all on the bed and start making some piles.

Pile 1: Designer Clothes – Let’s face it, labels are what the people want so these items are your best bet for a quick sale. Any well-known designer label in good to excellent condition has a chance on eBay.

Brands like Kookai, Zimmeman, Becs & Bridges all do really well on Facebook Buy Swap Sell (BSS) groups. I am a member of a BSS group in Brisbane that has something insane like 10,000 members and all the girls go crazy for labels. Do yourself a favour and ask your friends to add you to every BSS group that they are a part of and if you don’t have friends then find your local groups and send them a request to join.

Pile 2: Great Condition but Not Designer – Sort these pieces into size bundles and put them up on Gumtree, BSS and the Facebook Marketplace. The Facebook Marketplace is a new selling tool on Facebook that allows you to advertise your items to people in your area. At the end of your post there is also the option to add the post to any BSS pages that you are a part of so you don’t have to create the same post a million times. It’s ok to hedge your bets by putting items on more than one site, as long as you remember to remove them all once they have sold.


There is generally always a market for cool kicks like, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse or Vans on eBay. They sell even faster and for more $$$ if they are in the original packaging. Make sure you take photos of the brand name on the tongue, sole and box (this sounds like a different kind of hustle) to show that they are authentic. Make sure that you are honest in your advertisement, if your box looks old and tired (see what I did there?) but the shoes are in mint condition then include this information in the description. It is far better to tell people before they buy it, rather than having someone complain about you.