Oh, hey there!

Now, there are plenty of blogs out there that can teach you how to save and be responsible with money, this is not one of those blogs… this blog is for the hustle, for when you don’t really have the money to save and be responsible with.

Welcome to How to Hustle!

What is the hustle? Well, in the words of an Urban Dictionary literary genius,

“Anythin’ you need to do to make money… if you makin’ money, you hustlin”.

Maybe you’re in between jobs, saving for an overseas trip, a new stay-at-home mum, a uni student, or you have just been hit with rego and rates ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Either way, you need money and you need to know how to make it or save it. I have found myself in almost every situation that I just listed, except for rates of course,  because I’m a millennial, clearly all of that avo toast has cost me a house. Anyway, despite being stupid enough to spend a house deposit on breakfast, I have been smart enough to hustle my way through all of these situations and am *here now to share my tips and experiences in order to save you from an inevitable mini-meltdown.

*Saying that I’m “here now” sounds slightly sinister like I owed money to the Corleone’s, just want to assure you this is not the case… Unless the Corleone’s own Afterpay.