How to Sell Your Stuff: Vintage 90’s Toys (That Could be Worth More Than Your Car)

Welcome back to the How to Sell Your Stuff Series.

Have your parents been begging you to clear all of your crap out of their shed? Well get your overalls on and take a Claratyne, it’s time to go raid those boxes. This week we’re talking 90’s vintage toys, so get ready to say goodbye to Polly Pocket because it’s time to cash in.


If you have been following this series then you will know that I don’t have any cash hidden away in case of an emergency. My safety net is a Barbie, and I mean an actual Barbie doll. In 2010 my mother-in-law bought me a limited edition Vera Wang Barbie Doll, in an actual Vera Wang wedding dress, she retailed at $200. Today she is worth $1000. Did every Barbie you ever own just flash before your eyes? It doesn’t even have to be a collectors edition to hold value, remember Shave ‘n Style Ken? He was sold on eBay just last week for $99. Now, if you were the kind of super weird kid that kept your Barbie’s in their boxes, then you are in luck as boxed items hold the most value. Once you’ve gone through your collection and found the ones that you want to sell, have a look at the ‘sold’ listings on eBay to gauge they’re worth. I’d recommend selling all vintage toys on eBay as that is where the serious collectors will go to look for them.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.14.20 pm

Polly Pocket

Worth even more than Barbie is little Miss Polly Pocket! Get hunting through those toys because she can fetch up to $1500 on eBay. Even unboxed you can get around the $300 mark, depending on the series. Are you kicking yourself right now for playing so recklessly with these things? I’m pretty sure I chewed on my Polly Pocket… or my sisters… I definitely swallowed one.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.35.37 pm


Aagh Furbies. I got hit (nudged) by two cars navigating a flee market in Malaysia trying to get my hands on a Furby. I spent all of my pocket money on it, only to take it home and realise that the asshole didn’t even speak English… he’s resting in pieces now. If you are lucky enough to still have your Furby, get it on eBay ASAP as people are selling them for around $400.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.56.28 pm.png

Pokémon Cards

If you’ve got a stack of Pokémon cards lying around it might be worth your while having a look through them, with certain cards fetching up to $7000+ on eBay!

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.47.00 pm

Action Figures

Now for the holy grail of vintage toys… ACTION action action FIGURES figures figures (it felt like it required a dramatic echo). Ok let’s get serious because these are worth a shit tonne! Vintage Transformers, Power Rangers and He-Man action figures sell on eBay for anywhere between $250 and $2,500. But the real crazy money goes to the Star Wars toys, with action figures selling for as high as $75,000!!!


Before you sprain an ankle running to the shed, here are a few tips for your eBay ad:

1. Take at least five detailed photos. I can not emphasise enough how important this is. Photos are what sell your stuff so, if you want someone to pay top dollar for an action figure then you need to show them what they’ll be getting.

2. Make sure you use the words ‘vintage’, ‘rare’ and ‘mint’ in your title if applicable.

3. Fill out as much information in the details section as possible.

4. Be honest about the condition of the item.

5. Research the item well to make sure you make the most money possible.

Happy selling!

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Free Things to do in Brisbane This Month That are Actually Free

Looking for something exciting to do over the Christmas break but don’t have the cash to fund your fun? I’ve got you covered, with 10 actual free things to do in and around town.

  1. The Enchanted Garden is a magical light display in the Roma Street Parklands on every night from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. This is a super popular event so make sure you get there early to secure a spot in the line.

    The Enchanted Garden, Roma Street Parklands.
  2. Free Santa photos at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre are on until Christmas Eve. Times vary so check their website before you make the trip.
    *This is not actual footage of the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre Christmas display … it’s just the best Santa photo on the internet.

    This is more like it.
  3. If you need something to bribe the kids with while you’re at Indooroopilly, Glue Store has free Fairy Floss between 12pm and 4pm this Saturday 16th December.
  4. Get your culture on at QPAC with a free performance by The Wet Fish at Green Jam, this Friday the 15th December at 5:30pm.

    Green Jam Sessions, QPAC
  5. Grab a picnic rug and catch a free Christmas Movie at the Roma Street Parklands Amphitheatre, nightly from 7:00pm until the 17th December. To find out what’s playing this weekend check out the Visit Brisbane website.

    Christmas Movies in the Park, Roma Street Parklands Amphitheatre
  6. To celebrate their grand opening The Yiros Shop, Newmarket will be handing out FREE YIROS on the 21st December from 5pm – 8pm. Guys, FREE YIROS, free rotisserie meaty deliciousness!!! Find them at Shop 131, Newmarket Village,400 Newmarket Rd, Newmarket QLD.
  7. Park the car at Kangaroo Point and go for a free ferry ride along the river on the City Hopper (Read the parking signs carefully, free parking is available outside of business hours and on Sundays, ON SELECTED STREETS.)

    The City Hopper runs daily from Sydney Street to North Quay 2 ferry terminal.
  8. Go for a walk through the city and check out the Gold Lotto City Hall Lights, on every night until Christmas Eve from 7:30pm.
  9. The Summer Festival: Tech + Stories + Play, starts at the Queensland Library on the 18th December with free activities for the little ones. For full details visit their website. 
  10. Last but certainly not least, the South Bank Christmas Gift Market is back from the 15th – 23rd December! Every day from 3pm – 10pm you can stroll through Stanley Plaza…

    South Bank Christmas Market

admiring all of the handmade gifts and pinching all the free samples… because this is a post about free activities after all. enhanced-31565-1449814140-7.png

How to Sell Your Stuff: Gadgets

Welcome back to the How to Sell Your Stuff series, now we’ll go to the home-office/desk/living room/wherever you stash your gadgets…

If you want to make a decent amount of cash then gadgets are your best bet. Though your ad will require more time and information, it will be totally worth it when you get that oh so rewarding ‘SOLD’ notification! It’s not just brand-new products that people are after, I have sold smashed phones and waterlogged laptops for their parts, just make sure you include “For Parts Only” in the title and explain the damage in the description.

Whether you are selling your gadget on eBay, Buy Swap Sell (BSS), Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree you will need to include as much information about the product as possible. Before we get started, this is the basic information that you will need to include:

burger recipes

The best way to find this information is to have a good old google. Once you have it, go to eBay first and type the name of your product into the ‘What Are You Selling’ bar. This will bring up a variety of products as potential matches. Use the information you have just found to ensure that you make the right selection. Unless your product is brand new in the box, do not use the eBay stock photos. Take your own, good quality images from every angle and make sure that you emphasize any flaws (this reminds me, make sure you do a hard reset of your product before you hand it over. You don’t want any ‘personal’ photos falling into the wrong hands). eBay will have all of the information filled out for you and will suggest a sale price. However, I suggest doing a search of recently sold items before you do, to work out the maximum amount that you can get! Be careful, people will try to low ball you but try and hold out because, if your asking price is reasonable you will get it, or at least close to it.

Now that eBay has given you all of the information that you need, copy and paste it to the Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and BSS. I have had the most luck selling laptops or tablets on BSS groups in December and January, just before Uni starts. The good thing about the Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and BSS is that you can do *local pick up so you don’t have to worry about safely packaging the product for postage.

*A side note about local pick-up… be smart! Suss people out a bit before you organise the pick-up details. If you think someone is creepy, or dodgy hold out for another buyer. Never give your home address away until the day of pick up or better yet, arrange to meet in a local café or shopping centre instead.

Happy selling!

How to Sell Your Stuff: The ​Bedroom


Start with the things that no longer fit you, the things that don’t suit you and the one offs (Halloween costumes, bridesmaid/formal dresses, on-trend pieces). Be ruthless. If you haven’t worn it in 12 months are you ever going to wear it? Throw it all on the bed and start making some piles.

Pile 1: Designer Clothes – Let’s face it, labels are what the people want so these items are your best bet for a quick sale. Any well-known designer label in good to excellent condition has a chance on eBay.

Brands like Kookai, Zimmeman, Becs & Bridges all do really well on Facebook Buy Swap Sell (BSS) groups. I am a member of a BSS group in Brisbane that has something insane like 10,000 members and all the girls go crazy for labels. Do yourself a favour and ask your friends to add you to every BSS group that they are a part of and if you don’t have friends then find your local groups and send them a request to join.

Pile 2: Great Condition but Not Designer – Sort these pieces into size bundles and put them up on Gumtree, BSS and the Facebook Marketplace. The Facebook Marketplace is a new selling tool on Facebook that allows you to advertise your items to people in your area. At the end of your post there is also the option to add the post to any BSS pages that you are a part of so you don’t have to create the same post a million times. It’s ok to hedge your bets by putting items on more than one site, as long as you remember to remove them all once they have sold.


There is generally always a market for cool kicks like, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse or Vans on eBay. They sell even faster and for more $$$ if they are in the original packaging. Make sure you take photos of the brand name on the tongue, sole and box (this sounds like a different kind of hustle) to show that they are authentic. Make sure that you are honest in your advertisement, if your box looks old and tired (see what I did there?) but the shoes are in mint condition then include this information in the description. It is far better to tell people before they buy it, rather than having someone complain about you.

How to Sell Your Stuff: Part 1

Early last year I found myself in a situation where I was desperate for cash. I was a stay-at-home-mum/student, my husband was working and studying full-time and we had one car. One day this reliable car decided not to start. Very long story short, it needed $2000 worth of repairs. I had a grand total of $50 in my ‘savings’ account (that’s just the name of the account, I can’t recall the last time it actually had savings in it), a maxed-out credit card and I was totally screwed. It was on this day that my best friend introduced me to Buy Swap Sell and since then it, along with eBay and Gumtree have come to my rescue on more than one occasion (like on a monthly occasion). In fact, to pay for this site I sold, 1 x limited edition pop vinyl, 1 x comic book and 1 x pair of converse.

Today I am going to start sharing my top tips for selling your stuff.

My number one top tip and probably the easiest to start with is, SELL EVERYTHING… within reason… that you have no emotional attachment to unless you are really screwed then that stuff can go too, along with your sooooouuuuulllll. Just kidding, I haven’t found a site to sell that on yet.

Seriously though, what do you have to sell and how are you going to sell it? I have sold so many random items, on all different websites and have found that the best way to start is to go through your home from room to room. Everything can be done on your phone as long as you have a steady hand and a reasonable camera, clear photos that show the item in its true form are very important.

Let’s start with the bedroom…


Oh, hey there!

Now, there are plenty of blogs out there that can teach you how to save and be responsible with money, this is not one of those blogs… this blog is for the hustle, for when you don’t really have the money to save and be responsible with.

Welcome to How to Hustle!

What is the hustle? Well, in the words of an Urban Dictionary literary genius,

“Anythin’ you need to do to make money… if you makin’ money, you hustlin”.

Maybe you’re in between jobs, saving for an overseas trip, a new stay-at-home mum, a uni student, or you have just been hit with rego and rates ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Either way, you need money and you need to know how to make it or save it. I have found myself in almost every situation that I just listed, except for rates of course,  because I’m a millennial, clearly all of that avo toast has cost me a house. Anyway, despite being stupid enough to spend a house deposit on breakfast, I have been smart enough to hustle my way through all of these situations and am *here now to share my tips and experiences in order to save you from an inevitable mini-meltdown.

*Saying that I’m “here now” sounds slightly sinister like I owed money to the Corleone’s, just want to assure you this is not the case… Unless the Corleone’s own Afterpay.