5 Clever Side Hustles To Make Yourself Some Extra Cash

So it’s back to reality! Christmas is over and now you’re stuck with an insane aircon bill and no cash to pay it because you spent it all on mimosas and ham. Unless you won hundreds of dollars on the scratchies from Grandma then you’re going to need to get yourself a little somethin’ somethin’ on the side. Yes, you’re going to need to get yourself a side hustle!

Here are 5 clever side hustles that you can set up now with little to no initial outlay…

Become a Nanny or Babysitter

If you are good with kids then this might be the gig for you. Amber, 21 from Brisbane worked as a Nanny part-time through University and then again recently when she needed extra cash after a trip to Europe. “It cost me nothing to set up! I used Canva to create a flyer, which I put up in my local cafe. I also posted it on my Facebook and in a few community groups that I am a part of.”


If you don’t have an established network, you can find plenty of online agencies on Google to help you find work. Signing with an agency will incur a fee/commission, as well as a Blue Card application which is around $87.00. A Blue Card is beneficial anyway even if you are just doing the occasional babysitting job, as it is extra reassurance for the parents.

“Once I worked for a few families I found that a lot of work then came to me through word of mouth, as parents would tell their friends about me. It’s a really great way to make extra money as you can do it on nights and weekends, I get $20.00 an hour for something I really enjoy doing!”


Dog Sitting

Not that into kids? Maybe pets are more your thing! The market for pet sitting just keeps expanding with more people searching for carers on sites like PetCloud and Pawshake every day. That’s right, you can seriously get paid to hang out with a puppy!!! There are all types of jobs from once a day visits, to overnight stays.

Melita, 32, from the Gold Coast, was working at a doggy daycare centre when she first saw the potential for after hours, weekend and holiday work. “I started posting my availability on social media, just to see if anyone was interested and straight away my friends were contacting me to look after their pets, from there everything just happened organically. Now I have 3 regular clients, some are weekly, monthly or whenever I have days off, as I also work part-time at a pet store. I am also registered with an online service.”


Setting up a dog sitting service requires minimal outlay. If you choose to do it on your own you can create a free ad on Gumtree and the Facebook Marketplace. If you want a bit more security then going with an agency like Pawshake or PetCloud, is a great option as payment is guaranteed and you are covered by their insurance. There is no joining fee but they do take a small commision.


“Setting up my dog sitting service has only really cost me my time, posting on social media and applying for a Crimson Check, which I had to have to sign up for the online service.  I have separate charges for different services and tailor each quote depending on the time needed for pet sitting as well as incorporating travel where needed. My advice for anyone who is genuinely interested in setting up a side business would be to let it happen naturally and don’t put too much pressure on it because it will show in your work if you do. Always specify to the client how far you will go for your price and what your services include so that people don’t take advantage of you and your talents.”


Get Paid For Your Opinion

This one requires no outlay at all and you can literally start doing it today! You can get paid up to $20 to complete surveys online, and there are a number of sites that you can sign up too. Once you sign up to one then they’ll start popping up on your socials like wildfire. Check out this site for a comprehensive list. They have even done a cost comparison chart to help you decide which ones are worth your time!


If you’re looking to get some extra cash but need to tailor it to your already busy schedule then Airtasker is the perfect option. Once you sign up you can search the jobs that people need done and make an offer on the ones that you are qualified to complete. You can decide how much to charge and only have to apply to the ones that suit your availability. There is literally everything on there from bond cleaning to mowing. People even post jobs asking for McNuggets to be delivered to their door, so there really is something to suit everyone’s skillset! There is a service fee deducted from each payment to cover transaction fees and insurance but it’s a great way to find extra work without having to spend your time and money on advertising your service.


Profit From Your Talent

This one might take a little more time but if it is something that you are good at and enjoy then the rewards will be more than just financial.

When I find out my friends have hidden talents my brain goes into overdrive thinking of ways they could cash in on them! I think it is because I have always dreamed of having a talent of my own to cash in on. I was a talentless child, couldn’t sing, dance, touch my nose with my tongue. I could, however, pick the winner of the Melbourne Cup. In fact, the first word I learnt to spell was Tab as in T-A-B. In year 7, in lieu of having a talent to cash in on, I decided to make some pocket money by setting up a betting syndicate in my classroom. I had told all of the kids in my class to bring a dollar and in the morning I passed out handmade tickets for my Melbourne Cup sweeps. I skimmed some for myself and had enough to buy my lunch at the canteen that day, sure it wasn’t what those choir kids got for the Qantas ad but it was a decent profit.

If you are more fortunate and were born with an actual talent then why not cash in on it! My Aunt is an incredibly talented screen printer and knows her way around a sewing machine. Determined to stay at home to raise her three boys she created a range of kids clothes. After almost 10 years she is still going strong and has even caught the eye of 90210 alum Tori Spelling, featuring in a list of her favourite handmade kid’s clothes. A natural born hustler, she always comes up with creative ways to save costs, from exchanging services with other local businesses to going halves in a market stand with her friends business to split the fees!


I have friends who create stunning kids decor in their garage, make beautiful candles in their kitchen and make stunning cakes for their friends and families special events! Do yourself a favour and make a list of everything that you’re good at, then google it! If it’s something you can make see if there’s a market for it on Etsy! Last Christmas I needed some extra cash so I learnt how to make Tutu’s on Pinterest, took some cute pic of them on my phone and sold them on Etsy. The possibilities are endless even if you think you’re talentless!

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