3 Podcasts We Can’t Stop Listening To

Australian True Crime

Australian True Crime is a podcast by Meshel Laurie and Emily Webb about, you guessed it, real crimes that happened right here in Australia. I have been a fan of Meshel since her radio days at Nova 106.5, she is bloody hilarious and intelligent to boot. Pair her with acclaimed crime author and journalist Emily Webb, and you’ve got a crime podcast powerhouse.

Each episode offers something new, whether it’s diving deep into a true crime story, or interviewing an expert. My favourite episodes so far have featured Narelle Fraser, an ex-police officer who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As well as discussing what it’s really like to suffer from PTSD, she also recounts some pretty hectic stories from her time on the force.  I also highly recommend episode 42: ‘The  Family’, about a female cult leader in the 1970’s who convinced people to give their babies up for adoption.

True Crime is not usually my genre of choice (because I am a huge scaredy-cat) but Meshel and Emily’s genuine intrigue in each case is palpable. Each of these women offers a unique viewpoint as co-hosts, Meshel with her career in the media and Emily with her extensive experience with crime, starting in London where she transcribed undercover police tapes. If you’re ready to tap into your inner amateur sleuth and test your investigative skills, you can download Australian True Crime now on iTunes and Spotify.

Australian True Crime Podcast

Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard

Whether you’re like me, a big fan of Dax Shepard’s acting, improv, and general adorable disposition or, if you’re just looking for a refreshingly candid podcast that features a tonne of A-List stars, then you can’t go past Armchair Expert.

Each week Dax and his producer Monica Padman interview a high profile guest. Although, there is nothing ‘Hollywood’ about this relatively new podcast, recorded in the room above Dax’s garage which features a wall-less bathroom and exposed wiring. Often the guests are friends of Dax’s and the conversations are so honest that it feels like you are eavesdropping on a personal conversation. He goes into everything from their upbringing to how they really feel about success and even rejection. Nothing is taboo, Dax often discusses his struggle with substance abuse and the role that AA now plays in his life.

If you are in a relationship then you absolutely have to listen to the first episode where Dax interviews his wife, Kristen Bell. The interview takes place midway through a pretty petty argument and the whole thing is so damn relatable! The episodes that follow are just as enjoyable to listen to and therefore, very easy to binge, especially when they feature guests like, Ashton Kutcher, Seth Rogan, Mila Kunis, Jason Bateman and many more. Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard is available to download now on Spotify and iTunes.

Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard


I’ve saved my favourite until last here because I am such a big fan of this podcast that I don’t even know where to start. Shameless calls itself ‘The Aussie pop culture podcast for smart women who love dumb stuff’ and my god are they right.

Shameless is hosted by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, two super smart journalists from Melbourne. Each episode is a dissection of the events that transpired in pop culture throughout the week. They cover everything from The Bachelor, to Instagram, to influences, to actors, even sports stars, basically anything that sparked the media’s attention in the week that was. Zara and Michelle’s well-considered perspectives make for incredibly interesting content and take the conversation so far beyond ‘who wore it best’ and ‘who’s dating who’ that it delves deep into important issues regarding sexism, equality and race.

If you come for the gossip, you certainly stay for the witty back and forth between two friends that is so genuine that it’s like sitting at coffee with your own besties. Understanding their fans eagerness to get involved in these conversations, Zara and Michelle have taken Shameless to an interactive level, creating a Facebook group called ‘Shameless Celebrity Gossip’. In doing so they have created a place where smart women (and men) can have thoughtful conversations about everything celebrity, reality tv, fashion, and more, without being judged. As a Kardashian loving, Bachelor obsessed, university student/mum it’s a dream come true.

I love every episode so it is hard to recommend just one but, if you are across the ‘Bachelor Bully Saga’ then you need to listen to the episode, ‘It’s time to talk about the Bachelor villains’, available now on iTunes and Spotify. Shameless is a small independent podcast so if you love it, make sure you subscribe and share.

Shameless Podcast

How To Get Over $300 Worth Of FREE Clothes, Shoes, Food & Coffee For Your Birthday

Birthdays are the best, not only because you get to eat cake for breakfast every meal but because you get to treat yo’ self! Let these retailers treat you too, with over $300 worth of birthday freebies.

Treat Yo Self

I tested out all 32 birthday rewards myself and here are a few things that you need to know before we get started. Make sure you sign up online or in store as instructed, at least 1 month prior to your birthday. Some rewards are issued on the first day of your birthday month so if your birthday is later in the month and you sign up the day before, you may miss out. Also, don’t forget to bring your photo ID with you when you go to claim your freebie.

Ok, make some space in your closet and your stomach because it’s time to fill it with some amazing free stuff…


What better way to start your birthday than with a free coffee! Download the Starbucks app and register your details. There is no card required, simply scan the reward barcode on your phone when you order.


Sweet baby teasus is there anything better than iced tea? Yes… FREE ICED TEA. Register online here, log in on your birthday and scan the barcode to claim your freebie. This is one of the retailers that require photo ID when you order.


If you love stationery as much as I do then you’ll love this one! Register online or in-store at Kiki.K to receive a $10 reward on your birthday. The voucher is valid for the whole month, simply provide the email at the register.


For a healthy and delicious treat download the Boost Juice app and register your details to claim your free birthday juice or smoothie!


If you need something pretty to wear to your birthday party, sign up to Review’s rewards program on their website or app to receive a $20 birthday voucher.

Gloria Jeans

Looking for another caffeine hit? Pick up a loyalty card from any Gloria Jeans store and register it online here to receive a free drink on your birthday.

Gloria Jeans


This would have been flaming finger licking delicious if I had registered in time. Learn from my mistake and register 6 months prior to your birthday to ensure that you don’t miss out on your free meal! Download the app ASAP and register your details.


Let Witchery treat you to some gorgeous new clothes, shoes or accessories with a $20 birthday rewards voucher. Register in-store or online here.


Head to the Eat Fresh Club here and register your details to receive a free sub and regular drink on your birthday.

Sumo Salad

You might not make friends with salad but you do make friends with free food! For a free salad, download the Sumo Salad app and register your details.


For more chickeny goodness download the Oporto app and register your details to get a free meal on your birthday.

 Glue Store

Receive a $10 voucher via email from Glue Store on your birthday. Register your details online here.

Glue Store

Ribs & Rump

This one is my favourite! Ribs & Rump come through with the birthday goods, in the form of a $30.00 voucher! That’s a whole main meal! The food there is so good and the service is awesome. Download their app from the AppStore and register your details. Make sure you let them know you have a birthday voucher when you call to make your booking.

Muffin Break

If you love nothing more than a good old buttered muffin then head to Muffin Break and collect a loyalty card, download the app and register your details to claim your freebie.

Hakataya Ramen

This one is super easy, show up to Hakataya Ramen on your birthday and provide some photo ID to receive a free bowl of ramen.

Burger Urge

Hungry for some burgers? Head to the Burger Urge website and sign up for their Bite Club. Check the site on your birthday for your $12 reward and scan the barcode on your phone at the register to redeem it.

Chester Street Bakery

You can’t celebrate your birthday without cake and it’s no secret that Chester Street Bakery makes some of the most delicious cakes on the planet! To receive a freebie on your birthday simply subscribe to their newsletter here.

Chester Street Bakery


Register online here and download the app to get a free burrito on your birthday.



You won’t believe what you can get from Cowch Dessert and Cocktail bar’s luscious menu with an incredibly generous $17.90 birthday rewards voucher! Register your details on their website or download the app to claim yours.


If you can choose just one of their 31 delicious flavours, you can have a free scoop of Baskins-Robbins ice cream on your birthday! Download their app and register your details.

Cold Rock

If one ice cream wasn’t enough to curb your cravings then register your details here at least 8 days prior to your birthday to claim your free Cold Rock!

Bardot / Bardot Junior

Whether you’re turning 3 or 30 you’ll be able to find something to spend your $20 voucher on from the Bardot Group! Pick up a card in-store or register online.

Jamaica Blue

Collect a loyalty card next time you pass a Jamaica Blue and register it online to receive free cake on your birthday. If you are all caked out on the actual day, don’t stress, the offer is valid for the whole month!

Red Rooster

You can download the new Red Rooster app or go online and register your details for a free meal on your birthday. I’d recommend the website as the app has a lot of issues and you don’t want to be stuffing around in the drive-through while your once crispy golden pineapple fritter goes soggy.

Red Rooster


Collect a Mrs. Fields loyalty card in-store and register it online for a free birthday cookie.

San Churro

FREE HOT CINNAMON CHURROS WITH WHITE AND MILK CHOCOLATE DIPPING SAUCE… FOR FREE!!! If your mouth is watering then head on over to the San Churro website and join the El Social Club.

San Churro

Shingle Inn

Join the Shingle Inn InnerCircle by collecting a loyalty card in store and registering it online, you’ll receive a free cupcake on your birthday.


You’ll receive a $10 voucher via email from Bonds on your birthday as well as 20% off all purchases. Sign up here to start saving.


Signing up to Mimcollective will guarantee you receive a $15 rewards voucher on your birthday. The more you spend the more you get so if you are a regular shopper sign up ASAP to start building your rewards. Sign up in-store or on their website. When you get your voucher check the websites sale page for amazing bargains.

Doughnut Time

With flavours like Gay Time, Liam Hemsworthy and Life On Mars you doughnut want to miss this one! Sign up to Doughnut Time’s Inner Circle to claim your free birthday doughnut.


For a $5 store credit sign up to Priceline’s Sister Club! Make sure you register early enough to receive your loyalty card in the mail before your birthday.

Tony Bianco

Last but certainly not least update your shoe collection with a $30 birthday voucher from Tony Bianco! You can spend the voucher online or in-store but it can’t be used for shipping, which is only $9.95 or 4 x $2.48 payments if you put it on Afterpay *cough* like I did *cough*.

Happy Birthday and Happy Hustling!

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